Using the Couple Checkup to Enrich Your Marriage

You get your oil changed every 3,000 miles . . . you get your teeth cleaned at least once a year . . . you even get regular physical exams . . . Your marriage deserves a checkup too!
Marriage enrichment is about couples being proactive.  It involves being learners and receiving feedback as you identify what your relationship needs to remain vibrant.  It involves mapping a course and setting goals for your relationship so it can continue to grow.  Marriage enrichment benefits couples who are open to learning new ideas and practicing new skills to strengthen their marriage.
Marriage enrichment represents a chance to invest in your lives together.  It will take time, commitment, and energy. But the more you invest in your marriage, the more valuable and satisfying it will become.
Some couples wait until they've been struggling for several years before getting help.  They are not proactive, they are reactive.  In some cases, irreversible damage is done because couples neglect their relationship, ignore the warning signs, and push through the pain without addressing their relational needs.  This can prolong and complicate the healing process, while increasing the likelihood of separation or divorce.
The Couple Checkup relationship inventory represents an innovative and foundational tool for marriage enrichment.  It can be used alone, or in combination with enrichment books, seminars, or marriage retreats.
Discover - Taking an online relationship inventory and generating your Couple Checkup Report will peak your curiosity.  As you explore your results, you and your partner will discover your strengths and issues.  You'll see where you agree and disagree as you gain insight into one another's perceptions of your marriage.  You need to know where you're starting from so you can chart a course for where you want to go.
Share - A key to any great relationship is communication.  But how do you bring up the difficult topics?  How do you create a safe environment for open discussion?  The topics covered in the Couple Checkup help generate productive conversations you wouldn't otherwise have; conversations that apply specifically to your relationship.
Grow - Each couple going through the Couple Checkup process has access to a free Discussion Guide.  This workbook is filled with easy to use exercises designed to introduce new skills and facilitate discussions that will help you move from insight to action.
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Married, engaged, or dating.  We cover 20 relationship areas, and deliver a report and discussion guide to help you strengthen your relationship.


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