Individual Profiles and Couple Checkup Reports

The Couple Checkup comes in two slightly different formats, one for couples (The Couple Checkup) and the other for individuals (The Individual Profile).  Although the Couple Checkup is most revealing when both partners complete the assessment, an individual can take the Individual Profile assessment.  They will receive their own results summarizing strength and growth areas across relationship areas that are relevant to them.
Special Offer to Upgrade to the Full Couple Checkup
Once your Individual Profile is complete, there is always an option to upgrade to the full Couple Checkup, have your partner complete their portion of the assessment, and receive the full Couple Checkup Report.  The cost to upgrade is $14.95.
Voucher codes for the Individual Profile?
Voucher codes for a free Individual Profile are included with the purchase of the Couple Checkup companion books - The Couple Checkup and The Remarriage Couple Checkup.
To use your voucher code:
Step 1: Click Get Started on the Couple Checkup web page.
Step 2: Review/Accept the Terms and Privacy Policy
Step 3: Enter your Voucher Code
Step 4: Enter your first name, email, and a password
Step 5: Complete your Individual Profile and print your report
Step 6: Follow the directions to add your partner by upgrading to the full Couple Checkup (optional)

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$35 per Couple

Married, engaged, or dating.  We cover 20 relationship areas, and deliver a report and discussion guide to help you strengthen your relationship.


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