5 Ways to Celebrate Your Relationship

Below are five small ways to celebrate your relationship this  (or any day of the year), because your relationship is worth a little extra effort today. Throughout most moments of the day, you probably have your phone, ready to snap a quick photo to share on Instagram. Remember to take a few...   Continue Reading



7 Reasons Why This Year’s Valentine’s Day Won’t Be Like Last Year’s

It’s time to be assertive  vulnerable with your partner.  You will both appreciate that you were able to open up and say what you are really thinking. Relax and release yourself of the #relationshipgoal doomsday trap. Today is about you two and your unique relationship, so try not to...   Continue Reading



Who can you trust with your relationship?

At , we recognize and understand the importance of building strong marriages—and not just during this designated week in February. We understand the positive impact that marriage has on individuals, children, families, and communities—physically, socially, emotionally, and . We...   Continue Reading



Intentional Parenting

Did you know that only about  of New Year’s resolutions are actually followed through? Shocking, right? This is because we tend to make lavish  that seem farfetched, like exercising 30 hours a week while balancing 2 kids’ schedules or going to every state in the United States this year....   Continue Reading



New Year, New You?

New Year, new you, nice try.  We all fall into the same trap of “new year’s resolutions.”  This time, year after year, gym prices become “discounted,” self-help books flood our Instagram feeds, and green shakes capitalize the end caps of our local...   Continue Reading



3 Ways to be a Lifelong Learner in Your Relationship

When you graduated from college, did you say to yourself, “Well, that’s it! I now know everything I need to know. My days of learning are over!” Probably not. In fact, you’ve probably continued to learn about new topics, acquire new skills, and seek out random tidbits of...   Continue Reading



Your friends + My friends = Our friends?

Healthy relationships are vital to life. When cared for, relationships bring us joy. They bring us strength. They bring us connection. And so many other great things. But relationships are ! And, I’m not just talking about relationships that come with a lifelong commitment like a marriage or...   Continue Reading



The Impact of Gradual Change

I recently read a (fictional) book about a woman, Alice, who takes a fall at the gym and bumps her head. After a series of comical and confusion-filled interactions, she eventually figures out that she has completely forgotten the last ten years of her life. In her head, she’s 30 years old,...   Continue Reading



Why Your Partner Shouldn’t Be Your “Everything”

Social media has exacerbated the romanticism of your partner being your “.”  We constantly see Instagram posts about our friend’s boyfriend with captions like, “He’s my everything.”  Facebook photos of a picture of a couple’s silhouette in the sunset...   Continue Reading
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